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Bible Buddy

Bible Buddy is Free Bible study software.

Bible Buddy contains eight different Bibles; commentaries from Matthew Henry and John Wesley, a Bible word dictionary, a Bible name dictionary, a Bible search feature, and a My Notes feature so the end user can make notes as they study.

It has a Study set feature, which gives the end user an easy way to group verses together for easier study.

By Simply highlighting a word and then right clicking gives easy access to the dictionaries. These dictionaries, as well as the commentaries, many times have references to corresponding verses; these can be displayed by highlighting and right clicking as well.

This software has been designed with ease of use in mind; therefore Bible Buddy gives the end user a very simple, but powerful, way to study the Bible.

This software is completely free. There is no hidden advertising, hidden fees, or disabled features. It is complete and ready to use.

Happy studying!

Click here to download Bible Buddy 1.1.1 full installation

(Complete Installation, for those who do not already have Bible Buddy)

Click here to download the update from Bible Buddy 1.1.0 to 1.1.1

(For those that already have Bible Buddy version 1.1.0)

You can also get it at
(faster download)